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Location Katun Biosphere Reserve on the map of the Altai Republic

Location Katun Biosphere Reserve on the map of the Altai Republic

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Route length: 25 kilometers over the nature reserve territory

Tour duration: 2 days

Mode of travelling: on horse, on foot

Tour description:

The tour starts at the mouth of the Osinovka river. First it goes up along the left bank of the Kuragan river to the cordon “Ust-Kazinikha”. From the cordon it leads the tourists along the right bank of the Kuragan to the Ioldo river and then to the Ioldo mountain pass. Further on the route gets down along the left bank of the Verkh-Kuragan river to the camp at the river mouth. And then it goes along the Katun to the nature reserve boundary.

Being on this tour you get a chance to admire the amazing beauty of the Katun mountain Ridge, its northern and southern slopes. The route goes mainly through deciduous and coniferous forests, alpine and subalpine meadows. At summertime these areas covered with motley grass and multicoloured flowers are incredibly beautiful. Here you can see such rare plants as maral root, golden root, Siberian kandyk, feather grass. Here you can meet a bear, a maral, a roe deer, a squirrel or a chipmunk.